Lost In Miami

Lost In Miami

LOST iN guides present cities from the perspective of creative locals. Artists, chefs, designers and musicians share their passion for their hometown. Their tips are complemented by in-depth stories, photo showcases, neighbourhood picks and fiction—revealing the true essence of the city. Get lost in the sights, sounds and flavours that make a place unique.

One of the fastest changing cities in the US has more than postcard beaches and pastel-coloured Art Deco façades. Its history is of booms and busts, reclaimed swamps, hurricanes, and crime waves. Throw in a diverse mix of communities and there’s a rich panorama to explore. Some local legends have shared their side of the city. A performative artist, an iconic Latin musician, a cocktail pioneer, and a bold, young curator. It’s all about original minds and the creative vibe.

Softcover, 68 pages.

16 x 21cm


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