Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight from County Cork is delicious. Must be the climate.

How To Confetti Gift Wrap

We're not saying you have to do it like this. We're just saying you should.

Ladies of Letters

This is our top tip for gifting. Pretty and useful and pretty.

Neon Wallets

You'll never lose this in the bottom of your bag.

Hair Grips

Or Bobbi pins. Depending on where you come from.

Pineapple Decorations
These are the absolute best. And the competition in our Christmas shop is fierce.
Chinti and Parker
It's lovely and ladylike and has bows and trims.
Pernille Corydon
The queen of Danish understatement gives good Christmas.
Pony Necklace
Essentially a Whimsy on a chain which can only be a very good thing.
Thermal Mug
This is a rule at The Hambledon.