Maison Louis Marie

Too good not to put it on a plane from LA and get it in our shop. The heritage is beautiful and the scents are even more so. We are in love.

Salt & Pepper Shakers

Oh how do you choose? Cactus, flamingo or watermelon?

Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate

The sweet tooth post Easter has not abated and we are steadily working our way through all of our new chocolate brands.

Cushions and Blankets

We are still all about the snuggle.

Jao Brand

These are our hair/skin/lip/nail saviours!

Meri Meri Patches
Get the iron out and rejuvenate an old sweater or pair of jeans with some FUN!
Current Elliott SS17
Perfect denim and equally great apparel!
Fun Cushions
Square? Rectangular? Oh no, we have snake, unicorn, cactus, and rainbow shaped!
Cloud Pencils
How cute are these? We were feeling very creative!
Arpenteur SS17
French dressing comes with stripes AND checks this season.