Fig + Yarrow

All about natural beauty. And very, very new to the UK. 


Let's just forget about email. It's all about the fountain pen and good, old fashioned letter writing.

Marie Sixtine AW14

Super useful, super nice. And the collection's called 'Parisian Stories' so super sophisticated for good measure.


Another Hambledon is in the offing.  Any guesses where?


Our Summer Sale starts in store at 10am on Saturday 26th July. 

J Brand Jeans Pre AW14
And it's all about technical denim. Ultra slimming. Ultra brilliant.
Scott Stephen Jewellery
He is a very nice man. And he makes very nice jewellery.
Pale Vases
Who doesn't want to be pale and interesting?
Ice Lolly Maker
The sticks say '100% Home Made' so no cheating here!
Coloured Beech Spoons
They came and went whilst we had our backs turned. Now back in the building.