Rabens Saloner SS15

Copenhagen cool meets Bali chic. Book your holidays now.

Cosmos, Cosmos, Everywhere

We fell in love, ordered loads, had nowhere to store them, made a virtue of them in our displays...then all the customers bought them.

Our Bath & Beauty Department

Time to spring clean yourself. Our bath and beauty department has all the tools.

Yay! Balloon Card

It is a balloon and a card that says YAY!

Underwater Fancy-Dress

No old bed sheet and a belt for Alfie. This is proper dress-up.

Kaibosh Sunglasses
Sunglasses from Norway. Fun and affordable. You know this is a no-brainer.
Clean and Tidy
Get those household chores done in style.
Redecker Utensils
The Germans make the best cars. And household utensils.
Variopinte Tableware
*matching items available* (we spoil you).
Orlebar Brown
The King of summer shows us how it's done.