We have new really cool friends from Los Angeles. And they like kittens too.


Workaday is the cool and classic brother/cousin/best friend of our other American friends, Engineered Garments.


And lastly, from Iowa (yes, more America) is our new letterpress and design brand Moglea (sounds like Moh-glee, like in The Jungle Book).

Kaweco Pens

Learn how to hold a pen again. And write.

3 Good Things

We have 3 styles of 3 Good Things notebooks. See what we did?

Summer Quarterly
Our latest Quarterly is here. Take a look to see what The Hambledon is up to this sunny season.
Meri Meri Jewellery
How many is too many? Because I have all of them.
Party Competition
Enter our competition to win Meri Meri's Happy Birthday party range.
Lomelino's Ice Cream
Do you want to know 79 ways to make delicious ice cream?
Pre AW MiH
Linda McCartney meets Celia Birtwell. The result is awesome style.