New Summer Jewellery

Weathered Penny, By Boe, Pernille Corydon and Mirabelle are our jewellers of the season.

Our Book Shelves

Posivitively groaning under the weight of interesting, esoteric and silly. Printed matter gets a reboot. Summer Fun

Ditch the lilo. These are the pool accessories de jour.

Roam Candles

Essence of a city in a scented candle. Clever.


Yep this one is mine so hands off! Luckily we have others for you.

Star Deco from Soap + Paper
Natural, beautiful, recyclable and they smell gorgeous.
Norse Projects Pre
Summer weight versions of your very favourite pieces.
English country garden style. Ssshhh, they're not real.
Enamel Bowls
Portion control can be a thing of simple beauty.
Lickety Lip Balms
No petrochemicals and in a tin with a handy mirror, this lip butter ticks all the boxes.