God Only Knows Card

God Only Knows Card

ASHKAHN (pronounced ash-con) is the studio & company of artist, designer, illustrator, art director, director, stationery prince and all around bon vivant, Ashkahn Shahparnia. He lives in Silver Lake, California and works in Downtown L.A. He loves bananas, poopheads, coconuts, burritos, 1985 300d mercedes, BORING, beer, gold, silver, centerfolds, neon, pastels, open bars, los angeles, tiki drinks, slackers and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah to name a few (this is what he says about himself. We felt we couldn't edit it!)

Just try reading this card without singing in your head. Or out loud!

Sexy letterpress on lux cotton paper (again his words). Printed in Los Angeles, California.

Blank on the inside, comes with their trademark fluorescent pink envelope.

Made by Ashkahn

A2 size, 10.8 x 13.9 cm


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