Pearl Power And The Two Dads

Pearl Power And The Two Dads

Pearl Power and the girl with two dads is a new children's storybook aimed at 4-7 year olds and carefully addresses the subject of same sex parents. This book is the third in a series of Pearl Power books, written and illustrated by Mel Elliott and influenced by her daughter, Pearl. Each book is designed to tackle the subject of gender equality but in a very simple and light-hearted way. Elliott was dsimayed that her daughter announced that she knew that boys would become doctors and girls nurses and felt that she had to do something to reverse the gender stereotypes that children were being told both inadvertantly and intentionally and that could prove limiting to both genders. And so she created Pearl Power! This edition features a new girl at Pearl's school who has same sex parents. Pearl thinks this is all very different and cool but eventually finds out that it's nothing to get excited about. Its aim is to show young children that a mum and a dad isn't always the case and that different family set-ups are no big deal. A modern story with a retro feel.

Paperback, 38 pages by Mel Elliott

21 x 28 x 0.4cm


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