Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Matcha Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Whilst on holiday in India, Sister and Co. founder Sophie was advised to wash her face with raw coconut oil to clear up her skin breakouts. The transformation was so amazing she came back to England with the aim of sourcing her own coconut oil with the same purity, lightness and consistency. The answer was coconut oil cold-pressed at a small organic farm in Sri Lanka, to the finest extra-virgin (raw) grade: perfect for your beauty routine. Astounded by the efficacy of food-grade, nutrient-rich natural ingredients, in their raw and undiluted state when vitamins, minerals and nutrients are fully intact, to heal and nourish your body on the outside as well as the inside, she broadened the range and now creates small batches every 12 weeks.


This Japanese matcha contains 137x the antioxidants in regular green tea to detoxify, fight bacteria and replenish damaged skin cells. Baobab oil has been used for centuries by African women to protect skin and hair from desert environments - full of omega fatty acids it injects moisture, softness and elasticity. Raw coconut sugar, pink Himalayan salt and loose leaf green tea deliver essential minerals and antioxidants while gently but thoroughly sloughing away dead skin cells. Cold pressed jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and Sister & Co. Coconut Oil nourish and hydrate. Rosemary oil stimulates antioxidant activity while lemongrass and jasmine add freshness.

This amazing mix is 100% natural and made with organic ingredients.

100% natural beauty and skincare made with the finest skin superfoods, cold-pressed from around the world, in their whole, most active state. Free from preservatives, chemical stabilisers, synthetic compounds and toxins and not tested on animals.

Made by Sister and Co.



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