Luncheon No. 4

Luncheon No. 4

Worldly and welcoming, Luncheon is a style and culture magazine that invites old and new friends of all generations and cultural experiences to share their views, life and work over lunch. From simple jam sandwiches in the park to home-cooked feasts, to hours spent in chic restaurants, the conversation and visual content is inspired by this midday treat created by a top-table of writers, photographers and artists.

Contributors for Luncheon N.4 includes Beat Bolliger, Michael Bracewell, Emma Capps, Lizzie Carey-Thomas, Angela Choon, Jack Davison, Conor Donlon, Annemarieke van Drimmelen, Alex Foxton, Carole Gregoris, Marius W Hansen, Margot Henderson, Benjamin Alexander Huseby, Roger Keller, Lucy Kumara Moore, Andreas Larsson, Suzy Menkes, Robin Muir, Duro Olowu, Dimphy den Otter, Mark Peckmezian, Charlie Porter, Ola Rindal, Jody Rogac, Paolo Roversi and Ben Toms.

Softcover, Issue 4 with 4 covers available, 184 pages.

27 × 38cm


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