Lost In Milan

Lost In Milan

LOST iN guides present cities from the perspective of creative locals. Artists, chefs, designers and musicians share their passion for their hometown. Their tips are complemented by in-depth stories, photo showcases, neighbourhood picks and fiction—revealing the true essence of the city. Get lost in the sights, sounds and flavours that make a place unique.

Milan doesn’t have the neoclassical grandeur of Rome or Florence. But Italy’s economic capital has the energy to draw you in—and the hidden attractions to keep you there. A cocktail of old and new sets traditional trattorias beside radical design galleries. In Milan, LOST iN spoke to a creative force setting the global graphic scene alight, a pair of industrial designers, an architect and art-book editor and a food blogger duo. Discover the controversial regeneration of the Isola neighbourhood, and read some hot pulp from a local crime writer.

Softcover, 68 pages.

16 x 21cm


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