Lost In Amsterdam

Lost In Amsterdam

LOST iN guides present cities from the perspective of creative locals. Artists, chefs, designers and musicians share their passion for their hometown. Their tips are complemented by in-depth stories, photo showcases, neighbourhood picks and fiction—revealing the true essence of the city. Get lost in the sights, sounds and flavours that make a place unique.

The Dutch Masters have given way to a new generation of innovative and inspired artists and designers. Today, Amsterdam offers treats like pop-up restaurants on abandoned islands, fine food in 300-year-old greenhouses... Despite its rich history, the city is constantly transforming. In Amsterdam, Lost in spoke to a creator who’s shaped the pavestones of the city, a celebrated chef, a global doyen of denim and a family of artists. A feature excavates contemporary Dutch architecture, while a local profile takes you to the hot new neighbourhood across the bay.

Softcover, 68 pages.

16 x 21cm


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