Michael Roberts’s charming text and hand drawn illustrations tell the story of GingerNutz, an orangutan born in the wilds of Borneo who has dreams of making it big in the fashion world. One day while playing on the beach, the ten year old GingerNutz finds a bottle washed up on the shore containing a copy of Vogue magazine. Entranced by the glamorous images on its glossy pages, the precocious primate sets her mind to becoming a high fashion model. She dedicates herself to grooming her coat, creating makeup from exotic flowers, and styling her ginger hued hair. Unlikely as it may seem, she encounters other likeminded jungle creatures – the creative orangutan duo Dolce and Grubbana, a haughty and chic silverback gorilla – who together create their own hyper stylish coterie, and GingerNutz fulfils her dream of sashaying down the runway. The story of GingerNutz was inspired by legendary model and fashion editor Grace Coddington, the long-time creative director of American Vogue and a close friend of the author. The book contains 65 hand drawn illustrations that vividly depict the lush and colourful Bornean fashion community.

Hardcover by Michael Roberts and Grace Coddington, 80 pages.

17.3 x 1.8 x 24.4 cm


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