Design Anthology Issue 13

Design Anthology Issue 13

Design Anthology is Asia’s new quarterly magazine for interior design, art, architecture and travel. As an independent publisher, they have created the type of design magazine they want to read — cleaner looking than other design magazines, more focussed in its editorial, and much more sophisticated in its tone in an effort to provide a reading experience that will transport and inspire you. The magazine aims to be a celebration of the burgeoning creative and cultural scene in Asia. Making up more than half of the world’s population, this is an important place. Design Anthology is a magazine for design connoisseurs, sybarites and bon vivants.

Each issue features quality writing by an international team on art, interiors, design, architecture and travel, with a great focus on the photography.

In this issue: Q&A / We speak with co-creative directors Ross Urwin of Design Shanghai about the show’s evolution. Yoga Studio / Brew Design Office's solution for a new yoga space is a study in the peaceful harmony of dualities. Young Talent / We cover a new collaboration between Australia-based Cult and four young designers as the brand looks to drive local design. Designer Profiel / Conceptual designer Hans Tan uses pottery as a medium to contemplate issues as diverse as mass consumption and cultural heritage. Craft Preservation / Modern technology meets heritage craft in a special collaboration between London-based designer Sebastian Conran and ten Japanese makers and artisans. Modernism / Our first installment in a new series on Hong Kong’s modernist architecture, beginning with the backstory on one of the city’s most beloved landmarks: Jardine House. Architectural Stays / In the South of India, the former mansions of the Chettiars — Tamil traders and financiers — offer a glimpse into the region’s opulent and cosmopolitan past. Train Travel / We take you for a ride on the Eastern & Oriental Express, a luxury sleeper train that offers travellers a different vantage point for the three-day journey from Singapore to Bangkok. And a heck of a lot more!

Softcover, Issue 12, 202 pages. Printed in Hong Kong on FSC-certified paper.

19.5 x 26.5 x 1.9cm


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