Chuno Milk Chocolate Bar

Chuno Milk Chocolate Bar

It took 4 years for Phil Landers to transform himself from a BBC Radio production employee to a proper chocolatier, but a lot less time to reeducate his taste buds to the marvels of good quality chocolate. After many trips to south and central America, he learnt the about harvesting, fermentation and new cacao varieties, whilst at home in London he trained as a chef. Combining his skills, knowledge and passion for exciting new varieties of bean from Nicaragua, he created a stunning collection of single origin and single bean bars. This is fine chocolate for connoisseurs.

A more unusual milk bar. Light fruit notes to begin followed by slight acidity before finishing on a savoury note with a hint of olive. If you’re after a more unusual and more flavoured milk chocolate then this is the one for you.

Tasting notes: Light fruit, cream, nutty. Single Bean from Chuno, Nicaragua with 58% milk

Made by Land Chocolate.



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