Bee Pollen and Mango Chocolate Bar

Bee Pollen and Mango Chocolate Bar

Following their passion for the very best quality chocolate, a married couple of former chefs founded Ocelot Chocolate in Edinburgh. Their aim is to make the most delicious confectionery, in the purest most ethical way possible, using only the highest grade organic and fair-trade produce. Their sustainable chocolate comes from Peru and the Eastern Congo, where that farmers and environment are cared for as much as the produce. They understand that chocolate is a fine luxury to be savoured at its very best, and should be created in harmony with the environment and its people.

The Bee Pollen and Mango Bar is a rich, tangy chocolate made with beans grown in Virunga National Park , Eastern Congo. Perfectly paired with fragrant mango and earthy bee pollen. Enjoy flavour notes of zingy, ripe morello cherries and apricots, with notes of tobacco and dark forest floor.

Ingredients: 70% chocolate (organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter, organic raw cane sugar), organic mango, bee pollen (potential allergen).

Made by Ocelot Chocolate



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