Art Deco Blue Candlestick

Art Deco Blue Candlestick

Handmade in Portugal, this gorgeous glassware is imported in an ethical and fair trade manner in order to preserve and promote the artisanal skills of people around the world. Every piece is unique as the pigments are integrated into the sand of which the glass is made, so the glass is coloured to the core, and then the hot glass is put into handmade moulds so it can cool and find its shape. It is then cut and polished by hand. The colours have been hand selected to reflect the works of Rembrandt and provide a perfect combination of both winter and summer shades.

These beautiful candlesticks come in fabulous array of shades and shapes that will add instant colour, elegance and twinkle to your home. Just pick your favourite mix!

Max. 10.5 x 21cm


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