A Christmas masterpiece

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Lucy was in a particularly happy, sparkly place listening to Michael Buble so we knew something a bit special was going on behind that white curtain. But we weren't prepared for just how beautiful her festive masterpiece would be. Set in a stack of old crates we found a series of glittery vignettes showcasing Christmas at its pearly and pretty best; plenty of that vintage glitter that's neither gold or silver, highlights of pastel pink and blue, crepe streamers, snow domes, handmade baubles, gingerbread houses and traditional German flocked bambis. Christmas has never looked this good.


Moody & Farrell for Christys'

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We promised wonderful things and wonderful things have arrived. In big red hat boxes. Lift the lid and you'll find the results of one rather impressive meeting of millinery minds; Eloise Moody, one of Britain’s most talented milliners and founder of Moody & Farrell, designing exclusively for Christys’. As you might expect, these are hats every bit deserving of their special box; inspired by 60s icons Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger, based on classic designs with subtle styling and executed in the most beautiful autumnal colours and luxurious wool felt & silk ribbon. Without further hesitation, please admire the Bridget trilby and Ingrid Fedora.

Christy 2
Christy's 3
Christy's 4

Nice tie

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One of twelve, two of twelve, three of twelve. No we’re not counting parcels. Just admiring our new arrivals from General Knot & Co. A few very special ties, beautifully handmade in the USA’s most sought-after tailoring shops using pre 1950s vintage fabrics with particular note to some very fine tweeds and plaid designs. No more than twelve are made from each run of fabric so prepare to be the most dapper of them all and on the receiving end of all the nice tie attention. 

General Knot

The making of....

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So here we are, unveiling phase two of our online journey. The objective was simple; let the world know just how lovely our little corner of the world wide web is. And as we like to do in such situations, we turned to our friends for a little help. Victoria’s Art Director sister Sandy and Photographer Sara Morris, being the obvious choice here for injecting some creative magic. With Sandy styling and Sara behind the lens, the pair often work together for fun, and that’s exactly what they had with a basket full of Hambledon goods.

Affectionately entitled ‘Yogi Falls in Love’, ‘Suicidal Moose’ and ‘Mr Moustachio’, you can see our series of online ads in action on some of our favourite websites – Miss Moss, 91 Magazine and Sweet Paul Magazine. And for more of Sandy & Sara’s fabulous work, check out Things&People and Sara Morris Photography.


Pack a mac

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Now that soggy school trips are a distant enough memory, K-Way has won its way back into our hearts with its trusty pac-a-mac, the classic lightweight waterproof designed by French man Leon-Claude Duhamel back in 1965. The original design, known as Claude, is our mac of choice - a full zip up folding neatly away into a small hip bag. Suitably grown up in black, navy, burgundy and grey, we're really not sure how we survived without it all these years.

K-Way AW12 news

All is not lost

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If you missed, or are missing, the amazing accessories bonanza that was our Beck Sondergaard Project then you'll be pleased to know that womenswear has just taken delivery of a rather lovely new Christmas installment from the Danish brand. Get ready for more stars, more stripes, beaded clutches, leather gloves, cosy mittens, Christmas hearts and a warm snow poncho! 

Beck Sondergaard Christmas Collection

The hottest ticket in town

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Sultry black lace, fitted shirts, sharp little jackets, lurex knits, midnight blue brocade and shoulder zips. Baum und Pferdgarten's winter party is a little bit luxe and a lot rock. It's the invitation we're all hankering after.

Baum Christmas12 news

Here we mo!

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No we don't do things by half a whisker. This month we will be mostly and wholeheartedly embracing all things tash-tastic! From doormats to drinking straws, 10% of all sales of moustache related goods go to the Movember Foundation.


Bloomin beautiful

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Picture a garden busting with perfect blooms, a full on floral extravaganza of dreamy proportions and you’re somewhere close to this season’s rather spectacular offering from Epice. Never has more beauty been woven into a giant woolen scarf. 

Epice AW12 news

An underwear icon

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It wasn't just the Levi's that did well out of that iconic 80s commercial. If you can call a boxer short a design classic then Sunspel's crisp white version (as modelled so well by Nick Kamen in that laundrette), is most definitely that. They were the company responsible for introducing the boxer short to Britain in 1947 and with only a few refinements since, they have the perfect design all sewn up. No one makes them softer or more comfortable. The cotton is as fine as it comes while the seams are double-folded and 'feld locked' to eliminate itchy edges. They even feature a back panel to avoid an uncomfortable central seam. 

Sunspel AW12 news 2