Pie Party

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With the arrival of our Pies and Tarts recipe book and our long love affair with a Falcon pie tin, this was an idea that was first mooted last year. Finally, with pie eating season upon us and the need to bid a fond farewell to two members of the team, we had the perfect excuse to make it happen.

So for a fortnight we talked about pies incessantly; favourite recipes, how to make the perfect pie crust, piccalilli or mustard on the side. Lucy turned to her trusty Nigella's bacon and egg number, Victoria opted for pecan, Finn slaved for hours over a mascarpone cheesecake and Rob pulled off a spectacular dark chocolate torte. It was pies aplenty for all, and a perfectly Hambledon send off for Kate (now fully ensconsed as a lecturer up at Winchester University) and Rich (now managing the new Nigel Cabourn store in Covent Garden), who we wish only good and great things.