Honey & Co. Food from the middle east

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The blurb talks of wild honey, big bunches of herbs, crunchy salads, smoky lamb, old fashioned stews and bread straight from the oven. It asks you to grab a chair, squeeze in, enjoy the noise and leave room for dessert. OK. Sounds good to us.

Then you're introduced to two chefs who fell in love over their passion for food; whose early dates took them on a gastronomic tour of their homeland; whose infactuation with a cookbook bought them to London. Two chefs who last year made their dream their day-to-day by opening Honey & Co on London's Warren Street.

Google it and you'll see five star reviews about a buzzy little joint serving up no fuss, homey food packed with flavour. And you'll probably also clock that they won the Best Newcomer Award at last year's Observer Food Monthly Awards.

This is their first cookbook, and we for one are sold.