Now and lately

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High summer spells an episode of birthdays at The Hambledon. We cooed over a weeny horse and carriage destined for Lucy's royal cabinet. And discovered that gin and tonic cupcakes really do work.

Afternoon tea breaks became gelato runs. And Sturgill Simpson's Meta Modern Sounds in Country Music won soundtrack to our summer. Just listen.

We cheered on Victoria's son Theo in the Winchester Criterium as he whizzed by our front doors, and welcomed back Laura Brown aka 'Best in Town' as manager of The Hambledon at Cowley Manor. A matter of much delight. 

Purbeck farmer Benjamin Hole made hay while the sun shone. Watching his perfectly formed hay bales take shape over on Instagram has had us seriously life lusting. Olivia has bagsed him as her future husband.

An acquaintance of Steve McQueen's called by. No joke. He worked with him as a set designer before Steve made it big. Steve was dating a girl from the chorus line and they all used to go for drinks at Louis' bar. Much comfort to know the man was as nice and cool and decent as we always imagined him to be. 

Meanwhile over at Cowley we were most intrigued by a lovely lady, master quilter, embroiderer and maker-of-own-clothes who has only worn blue and shades of, for the past 25 years. Laura sold her the neon yellow Custom Made cardigan. 

Also, Outlander. We're obsessed.