Project Cowley Manor + Green & Spring

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Green & Spring has long been one of our favourite bathroom brands. We've stocked it almost since the line launched in 2009. What you might not know is that its creators - Jessica & Peter Frankopan - are the hoteliers behind Cowley Manor, home of our new store. 

Cowley Manor was their first hotel, opening in 2002 after a huge restoration project. At the time, the hotel carried a popular in-house product range, but it wasn't entirely natural, something that became a growing concern of theirs. After a little research, they realised they could create active and natural products, handmade in Britain and using botanicals native to the British Isles - and so they did.

The spectacular grounds of Cowley Manor proved a major inspiration. All Green & Spring products are created using herbs and flowers native to the British Isles - lavender, chamomile, reosemary, rosehip, red clover, elderflower, thyme, geranium, marshmellow, comfrey, dandelion, peppermint, fennel and rose - while all the aqueous based products contain natural spring water sourced from the Cowley estate. Cowley Manor is quite literally bottled here on our shelves.

A story of nice connections, all explained beautifully in the current project space installation at our Winchester store.

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