the gallery wall

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Ah, the gallery wall. Having a moment right now, and when done right, all the ability to transform an uninspired room. The key words here being 'when done right'. Proceed with caution and have a read of these pointers for getting it just so.

1. Rather than sticking to one form, round up photos, art, even momentoes for a more individual and intriguing ensemble - comic strips, children’s scribbles, concert tickets - it should all mean something to you.

2. Using the same frame for each piece can be dramatic, but usually only works if you're displaying just photographs. If you're mixing art and photos then choose frames that complement the individual pieces.

3. If all of your pieces are identical in size a grid pattern layout is extremely dramatic. If your collection has a variety of different objects, frame sizes and frame styles then an asymmetrical arrangement is your best option. The trick to laying out an asymmetrical arrangement is to have a common axis which the pieces are lined up on.

4. The arrangement should read as one unit so keep the frames close to one another. Somewhere between the width of the frame and 5” will ensure the composition is pulled together.

5. Before hammering into your wall, mock up your gallery on the wall using craft paper and washii tape.

6. When you're happy with the layout, start in the center of the composition and hang that piece first. The center should hang at around 5’ off the ground at eye level. Then, piece by piece hang the other pieces moving from the center outwards.

7. Stand back and admire your handywork.

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