The most unlikely of muses

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We look forward to news of Peter Jensen's latest madcap muse almost as much as the arrival of his beauiful creations. This season the Danish designer chose lottery winner and Smith's cover star Vivian Nicholson as his leading lady. Intriguing indeed.

In 1961 the cake factory worker was aged 22. Borrowing £5 from her mum, she and her husband put it on the Littlewoods pools and won the equivalent of £5 million. Initially announcing she would ‘spend, spend, spend!’, within five years the money had indeed been squandered, paving the way for a best-selling autobiography and later a stint as a strip club singer covering 'Hey Big Spender'.

‘I was having a hard time working out who should be the muse for this season and then I found the 12" of The Smiths,’ Jensen says. ‘I looked at my drawings and something clicked. My work looked like Viv, like the 60s, it was a perfect match.’

The result is the 60s meets a good measure of Jensen. At one end of the rail a diamond jacquard shift dress, cropped jacket and neat silk crepe blouse, and at the other, a daschund emblazoned knit dress and a sweatshirt sporting Viv's infamous words - spend, spend, spend.