Basement's new rebels

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Pete and Tony, founders of menswear's latest denim offering Tellason, freely admit to being influenced by the punk era of their childhoods. Perhaps it's why there's a little bit of rebel sewn into their jeans. Established in San Francisco in 2008, the pair dared put a red tab on the back pocket of their first designs and subsequently felt the full force of Levi's reign down on them. So they moved the tab. To the inside of the back pocket, where it can still be found reading 'Legal'. Continuing on theme, the style names 'Ladbroke Grove' (a regular tapered fit in 16.5oz selvedge) and 'Gustave' (a slim tapered fit in 14.5oz selvedge) are inspired by their love of The Clash (answers on a postcard please).

Punk influences aside, what Tellason is really all about is two denim fanatics producing their dream jeans. Which means they're of course made from Cone Mills White Oak selvage denim, exclusive fabrics they developed with Cone to fit specific wear and aging profiles. The leather tab on the back isn't any old either, and comes courtesy of Tanner Goods of Portland. The bottom of the back pocket comes lined and with stitch detail that reveals a subtle T as the denim fades. All the kind of stuff that makes them "proper, proper jeans" according to Rob.