Q&A with Jane Lewis, designer and founder of Goat

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Jane lewis launched Goat ten years ago, spotting a gap in the market for luxurious yet understated timeless pieces. The label soon became the go-to cashmere range for the fashion cognoscenti. Now, entering it's second decade, the brand has developed in to a full ready to wear collection including those signature knits but now also encompassing it's equally recognisable separates, dresses and outerwear. 

Describe your typical working day?
It’s varied. Production and sampling are simultaneous so there is always lots to do. I speak to each member of my team on my way in to the office and turn my attention to whatever takes priority. Fittings in the mornings, design meetings or fabric appointments.

When and where are you most productive?
The mornings. After my coffee and I have settled at my desk.

Who or what couldn't you work without?
Honestly? My absolutely brilliant team. They are inspired and dedicated. We work very closely and openly together.
And my favourite thick italic black pens which I draw with and a great big pile of white paper to hand ….

What do you like most about what you do?
It never gets old. There are so many creative opportunities and although making a collection is incredibly hard work it’s also really fun. I learn a lot each season. I love seeing my original sketches and then looking over at the finished product. It’s rewarding.

Who or what inspires you?
Anything and everything. A colour, a picture….

Tell us something we're unlikely to know about Goat?
I am not trained in fashion at all and I can’t sew a button.

What project, collection or achievement are you most proud of?
I am so proud of how the company has grown recently. I remember starting the business in my kitchen!
We are now a team of 12 and growing….

What has been the most important lesson learned?
To stay true to my own aesthetic. Trends come and go but style endures. As a company we have expanded a lot in terms of the range and it’s important to always remember my original handwriting.

What do you want to do in the future?
Have an accessories line.

What is the Goat team's guilty pleasure?
Breakfast. All important decisions seem to be discussed over coffees and poached eggs! 

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