The making of....

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So here we are, unveiling phase two of our online journey. The objective was simple; let the world know just how lovely our little corner of the world wide web is. And as we like to do in such situations, we turned to our friends for a little help. Victoria’s Art Director sister Sandy and Photographer Sara Morris, being the obvious choice here for injecting some creative magic. With Sandy styling and Sara behind the lens, the pair often work together for fun, and that’s exactly what they had with a basket full of Hambledon goods.

Affectionately entitled ‘Yogi Falls in Love’, ‘Suicidal Moose’ and ‘Mr Moustachio’, you can see our series of online ads in action on some of our favourite websites – Miss Moss, 91 Magazine and Sweet Paul Magazine. And for more of Sandy & Sara’s fabulous work, check out Things&People and Sara Morris Photography.