Provenance: Levi's Vintage Clothing

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Nothing excites Rob more than a great pair of jeans, so when Levi's Vintage Clothing came to menswear, oh how we knew about it. The heritage! The quality! The fit! No other denim label compares we're told.

The label was launched in the early 90s to celebrate and keep alive Levi's impressive history. They create exact reproductions straight out of the Levi's San Francisco archives, and they're authentic to the core; manufactured in the original Levi's factory using original quality selvage denim sourced from their original US supplier, Cone Mills. We love that each style has its own story, charting changing tastes, production methods and new innovations.

First up on our Levi's timeline is the 1947 501 - a classic slim fit with a straight leg, it was a jean for the new, post-war generation. Next is the 1954 501Z with its narrow, tapered leg. It was the first jean to carry a zip much to the dismay of one disgruntled customer who said it was like 'peeing into the jaws of a crocodile'. Fast forward to 1967 and we have the 505 - a jean for the modern man with a straight fit that now sits lower on the waist. We could go on, but just come and have a chat to Rob, and he'll tell you'll all you need to know about LVC.