Provenance: Falcon

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Say hello again to a design classic. Crispy white with a distinctive blue rim. Solid and functional. An icon of British homelife. Makes us think of cosy kitchens and home-cooked food. It's Falcon enamelware. Here since the 20s. It never really went anywhere, apart from maybe the back of the kitchen cupboard. But dig it out, dust it off and get some more because we're pleased to say Falcon is very much here and now again.

The brand has undergone a major revamp in partnership with designers KIWI&POM and Morse Studios. They've introduced a series of new colourways, and some lovely kitchenware sets, all wrapped up in new 'hardware store' packaging. Apart from that, the core product remains the same, as strong and as functional as ever. Porcelain is fused onto heavy-gauge steel. It's dishwasher-safe, chemical-resistant and cannot burn. If you drop it, it may chip but it won?t break.

We're particularly fond of the new kitchenware sets - the pie set and cook set - as seen put to good use in the above photos. Appetite suitably whet? Yep, ours too.