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summer wardrobe rescue

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Here we are surrounded by all that is light and bright, starting to contemplate sun drenched summer days, and along comes MIH Pre AW13 with a subtle yet well versed reminder of what the months ahead have in store. Our oversized cotton shirts are billowing in a stiff onshore breeze, so we're pulling on a star covered Breton top for some effortless extra cover, and chugging out to sea in a chunky yet elegant fisherman's knit. All the time co-ordinating with the flat grey skies, sweeping white sands and moody blue seas. Not so bad after all, with these pieces coming to our resuce.

MIH PreAW13 news

Bring on the sun

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Rolling out a series of swanky numbers pulled from the archives, Moscot has us all sun worshipping with their latest collection. These are the sunglasses we imagine wearing back in Hollywood's most glamour filled days. Bigger and bolder than ever. Perfect for the camera-shy starlet to hide behind. Duchess is well worthy of a curtsy with her elegant proportions. Victoria opts for a full on butterfly-shaped glamour offensive, inspired by Sophia Loren. While Carrington has us all in a spin over her perfect circles. 

New Moscot

Think pink

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Has to be the colour of the season in womenswear. From candy to peachy to fluro, there's a shade here to suit every style and skin tone. 

01 Rivieras  | 02 0039 Italy Shirt  |  03 J Brand Jeans  |  04 Necklace  |  05 Beck Sondergaard Scarf  |  06 Paul & Joe Nail Polish


Joining the Danish contingent...

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Seems our current thing for all things Danish just doesn't want to die. Our latest squeeze, Pernille Corydon, do that special Scandi thing in a fine line of bling. Just the right amount of pretty and delicate, stylish and simple. Oh and we do always fall for a star!

Pernille Corydon news

in spirit and in style

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Dreaming of far off places? Let this lovely lot from womenswear newcomer Rabens Saloner take you there. In spirit if nothing else. And frankly we're happy with that because this is a collection that says I've been to far-flung exotic places but I'm perfectly capable of slotting into everyday life.

Maybe it's because designer Birgitte Raben Olrik divides her time between Copenhagen and her most beautiful house in Thailand. We can see inspiration from both. Oversized striped mohair jumpers, super cool gold lurex slouchy chinos and a pallette of pink and grey lend the laid back Danish feel while the loose fitting linen pieces and tie dye silk have jetted in from some dreamy sun drenched location. 

Rabens Saloner SS13 news2

holiday by name, holiday by nature

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It's a funny fashion thing. Designers naming their creations as if they were pets. Sometimes obscure. Often daft. Save 0039 Italy's 'Holiday'. If ever a dress were more aptly named this is it. We're not quite sure what we packed before this heavy linen scoop neck tunic came along. This season it returns (alongside some other great linen staples) all the better for some subtle refinements; less material, more shape, slightly nipped, longer as a tunic, shorter as a top, in some great new colours including our favourite bright, bright pink. 

0039 Italy Linen SS13 news

acid pink on canvas

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Hands up. There's no denying we've gone crazy for all things bright and pink up in womenswear this season. But the latest addition to our hoard takes bright and pink to a new extreme. The iconic 1950s summer shoe - the Riviera - has arrived in an eye popping acid pink. Put your sunglasses on and step outside, boldest foot first. Or opt for the other end of the scale, with navy or beige for extreme summer chic.

Rivieras Women SS13 news

The Baum und Pferdgarten Resort

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A little less of the masculine/feminine structured/unstructured dual going on in this High Summer collection. Expect to find some good old fashioned lady dressing. We are loving a Jackie O inspired silver jacket, a chiffon blouse in duck egg blue and a nod to geometric print maxi dress. And there is of course the ultimate lady accessory in a cool as you like silk scarf.

Baum Resort SS13 news

High Summer Scarves

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And we thought it couldn't get any better. Hot (and we use the word advisedly) on the heels of a beautiful Spring collection and Beck Sondergaard are all about Summer. We want to use words like neon and popping and pretty and stars and glitter and stripes and sunny and bright, bright, bright. This collection is a total smile.

BeckS High Summer 13 news

Christy's Panamas

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Every Christys' Panama hat starts life not in Panama, but on the coastal plains of Ecuador, where most of the world's Toquilla straw is grown and from where the world's Panama hats are exported. Christy's hats are handwoven (in its natural state toquilla is too fragile to weave by machine) and the hoods are then shipped to the Christy's factory in Witney to be shaped and trimmed into the finished hats. This summer we are all about a trilby: classic narrow brim in cream, navy or pink and wider down turned brim. May the season's sunshine rain down on us.

Christys SS13 news