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A table fit for christmas

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Our resident Christmas fairy pulled this little masterpiece together; a length of our glitter wrap as a runner; pearl glassware, cloches, milkbottles and milkglass cakestands for tableware; tags and parcels crafted from our fab new stationery range; a sprinkling of paper confetti and striped paper straws for colour. Possibly the prettiest Christmas table ever laid. 

christmas table

The swag masterclass

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Each year Victoria's dad makes a special trip to Winchester to hang our beautiful shopfront garland; a masterpiece of fresh greenery, ribbons and lights. Observing from inside the shop, or the bottom of the ladder, it's always looked quite a feat. But we're assured it's straightforward, especially on a smaller scale, so this year we took notes from the master of the swag...

1. Arm yourself with secateurs, gloves and a ball of dark green twine.
2. Gather greenery. Ivy is a good option for bulking it out. 
3. Cut a length of twine to fit the area you will hang the garland across, plus a bit extra for tying it up.
4. Start with the ivy to provide a good base and tie sections along the length of twine, leaving a section of bare twine at each end for tying up the garland.
5. Next intersperse your other sprigs along the length of the garland. Lay them out first to ensure you get an even spread of colour, then attach using twine.
6. Tie ribbons along the length for some extra colour, and then you're ready to hang.
7. Finish by weaving a string of lights in and out, and ta dah, you've got a swag to be smug about.

Garland How to

Gift Guides: Her, Him & Kids

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From top left: Treats £12.99 | Me & My Arrow Wall Charm £12.95 | Green & Spring Restoring Face Serum £38 | Beck Sondergaard Christmas Night Scarf £75 | Hollywood Dishes Tea Towel £9.95 | Card Catalog: 30 Notecards £9.99 | Retro Truck Ornament £17.95 | Silver Dance Clutch £159 | Make it Your Own £16.99 | Silver Glitter Deer Ornament £7.95 | Kiko 5x7 Landscape Frame £12.95 | Canvas tablet case £24.95 | REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil £30 | Gold Big Star Bead Necklace £54 | Beech Utensils: Large Spoon £2.95, Large Spatula £3.50 | Royal Tea Mug £9.95  | Paul & Joe Eye & Cheek Colour Set £42

From top left: Woolrich Rough Rider Blanket £109 | Be Yourself Print £15 | Musgo Real Shaving Cream £10 | Beck Sondergaard Classic Star Scarf £33 | Pint Mug £17.50 | Folding Ruler £3.95  | The Art of Vintage DC Comics £13.99 | A London Pub For All Reasons Map £4Cire Trudon Empire Scented Candle £60 | Bounder Moustache Wax £6.95 | Traditional Boomerang £4.95 | C.O. Bigelow Black Elixir Eau De Toilette £24 | 50 Shades Book £19.95 | Evergreen Farm Truck Ornament £17.95 | How to Speak Droid with R2D2 £13.99 

From top left: Tea Party Biscuits £9.95 | Toot Sweet Party Hats £7 | All Aboard Train Puzzle £10.99 | Drumstick Tube £2.50 | What's Inside? £12.95 | London Bus Toffee Tin £6.99 | Giant Pencil Case £4.95 | Sukie Super-Cool Iron-Ons £10.99 | Retro Paper Fan Pack £5 | Catapult Toy £2.95 | Coles Funny Little Picture Book £14.99 | Popcorn Holder £2.95 | Tool Box £9.95 | Yellow Owl's Little Prints £14.99 | Kaleidoscope £6.95 | Fizzers Tube £2.50 | Let's Make Fingerprint Art £9.95 | Olde Red Truck Ornament £14.95 | Toothpaste Tube Pencil Case £9.95 

Beck Sondergaard Installation

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Phewfs, what a week! Lots of lovely visitors and among them were Karina and Kam from team Beck Sondergaard, who flew in from Copenhagen to work their magic on a special Christmas installation up in womenswear. Expect an accessories eye-full and plenty of Beck Sondergaard quirk; scarves in every conceivable print and colour, all our favourite bags and purses in new colourways, twinkly tear drops, fluoro birds and crazy artwork. 

Running until Christmas Eve and currently showcasing their Christmas and Movember collections, the installation will evolve to include a line of Hambledon exclusives, as well as pre SS14. We challenge you not to find something for the Christmas list here, especially with the added lure of giveaway fabric totes, glitter gift envelopes and Danish liquorice! 

Becks Christmas Installation news

Christmas Shop 2013

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We started out down on a snowy farm in America with rustic trucks and log cabins, then we discovered the Pennsylvania National Christmas Centre and fell in love with their Woolworths five and dime store circa 1955. Throw in plenty of red and white candy stripe and some original red fairground lighting and ho ho ho, Christmas at The Hambledon 2013 is here.

The whole of the back of the store has been decked out with stocking fillers, decs, wrap and accessories; beautiful snowdome baubles and wreaths, festive kilner jars and cupcake kits, glittery paper garlands, party hats and crackers, potato guns and bumper packs of love hearts. Let the fun begin.

Christmas Shop Decorations 2013

Florence finds

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Rob headed off on his annual trip to Florence last week. He saw Rembrandts, Carvaggios and Da Vincis at the Uffizi Gallery, ate the best steak in Europe and partied at WP's 30th anniversary bash. And then came the serious business of Pitti and kitting out menswear for AW13. Top of the agenda was specialist denim and he managed to get a major tick with a new brand that manufactures in the spiritual home of denim, San Francisco. Workwear continued to feature heavily so expect plenty more unconstructed wool tailoring, only cleaner and more pared down than in previous seasons. All in all a pleasing haul but the most exciting find of all has to be a young, up and coming British tailor. Plans are afoot to work together, so watch this space. 

Pitti AW13 news2

A Christmas masterpiece

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Lucy was in a particularly happy, sparkly place listening to Michael Buble so we knew something a bit special was going on behind that white curtain. But we weren't prepared for just how beautiful her festive masterpiece would be. Set in a stack of old crates we found a series of glittery vignettes showcasing Christmas at its pearly and pretty best; plenty of that vintage glitter that's neither gold or silver, highlights of pastel pink and blue, crepe streamers, snow domes, handmade baubles, gingerbread houses and traditional German flocked bambis. Christmas has never looked this good.


Our right royal window

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If you've popped in over the last week and wondered what exactly the impressive collection of corgis on the counter-back would amount to, then wonder no more. The corgis have been leashed up in national colours and put on parade in our right royal window display. And as expected, they are well and truly stealing the show. Or rather, one royal impostor is!

Tis spring

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Squeaky, sweet, clean, fresh, bloomin' spring. Has to be our favourite time of the year at The Hambledon, after Christmas that is!

Rob & Rich hit Pitti

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It's one of the biggest dates in the menswear calendar so it was off to Florence once again for our intrepid menswear buyers. They got lost, they discovered lovely new things, they fell in love with wool and more wool, they got excited at Engineered Garments and Post Overalls, they got lost again, ate rabbit gnocchi and spent way too much time in the WP store.