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We wanted to write a provenance all about the history of Ban-do. But then we went and found this on their website and it was way more fun and a whole lot more entertaining than waffling on about the Founder (who incidentally is Jen Gotch, who incidentally everyone at The Hambledon thinks is brilliant).
'Oh hey. We're Let's be BFFs. We can stay up late watching 80s rom coms and eating pizzas with everything on it (except anchovies, grooosss!). Cool. Now that it's settled we should probably tell you a bit more about us. We're a gift, tech, stationery and fashion accessories company designed by a pretty spectacular group of girls in sunny Los Angeles. We love bright colours, irreverent patterns, quirky sayings and kittens. OMG we love kittens so much. Forever inspired by Champagned soaked, all night dance parties, we are serious about fun and so thrilled you are here.'
Enough said. Get your Ban-do here.

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Crown Creative

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Didn't we have a luvverly time the day Meri Meri came to The Hambledon and made party crowns. It was a crafting extravaganza purpose built for half term fun. Everyone made full and free use of lashings of ric rac tape, fluffy pom poms, and glittery letters. The crown jewels have nothing on these beauties. Huge thanks to Nat and Katie who glued and ribboned like troopers at Cowley and Meredithe and Emma for their sterling efforts in Winchester. Long may you all reign.

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Easter Extravaganza

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We're taking Easter very seriously this year. Forget the chocolate, here's the proper how to: Easter egg hunt kits, bunny cupcake kits, egg decorating kits, bunny dressing up kits, garland kits. Easy peasy Easter. Oh and we had to throw in some fluffy, wind-up bunnies and chicks. Just for fun. 

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"This is a one-of-a-kind wonderful book for children and grown-ups about books. How books are made, what they do, what people do with them. It is called Books! Flip through it and you will see why it is likely to turn children into book-lovers and parents into Books! lovers."

So true. Which is why we just had to share a few pages from this beautiful new edition of the slightly bonkers but utterly charming 60s classic.

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Non committal body art

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Tina Roth Eisenberg was once a mother who coudn't abide the ugly clip art temporary tattoos her daughter kept coming home wearing. But after learning what a temporary tattoo is actually made of, soliciting some world renowned artists and hiring a team of able persons, Tina Roth Eisenberg is now the fearless leader of Tattly, doing global business in 'designy' temporary tattoos. No teeth gritting or regrets here. Just a whole new world of fun and silliness. Which means one thing, we are in! 

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Paper bag dress up

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Sorry folks but bin liners, pipe cleaners and sticky tape just won't cut it any more. Panthero and Leone here have gone and raised the dressing up bar - and taken a whole lot of faff out of the whole business. Wearing a giant paper bag has never looked this good. And in case you're tempted to join in the fun, we can sadly confirm the proportions are definitely only befitting of small people. 

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Sweet and silly

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The sun might not shine, but what do we care. This summer is going to be so much fun. Fun like the summers of your childhood. Water pistols, sheriff badges, sparking spinners, gumball machines, polce whistles, sherbet bottles, chattering teeth and paper lazers; our project corner is dedicated to all things sweet and silly. Time to raid the piggy bank...

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Paper Party

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We have gone paper decoration mad here. It's a paper explosion in the project space. Check out bunting, fans, garlands, honeycomb balls and ice cream cornets. Hell yes, every party should have an ice cream cornet. It's time to celebrate.

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cheery spring wall

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It's all new wall adornment for us here. The happy upshot of a snowed off buying mission to Maison et Objet in Paris. Victoria and Lucy found themselves taking shelter in the lovely Caravan cafe in Kings Cross, huddled over coffee and laptop. Some successful hours of internet scouring later and we have this lovely, cheery lot of posters all the way from Sweden. Silver linings and all that.

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BLOCH & bloch

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Dancers love Bloch ballet pumps because they?re specially crafted to the curvature of the foot, offering protection and sustainability through hours of dance and movement. We love Bloch and Baby Bloch because they are super cute, super comfy and super versatile. And this season they come in a range of delicious sweetie colours.