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father's day

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1 Briliant Biscuits Tin £7.50 | 2 City Cycling Europe £25 | Dad Ribbon Card £4.25
4 Musgo Real Colognes £30 | 5 Balsam Fir Incense £12 | 6 Food Books from £14.95
7 Sling Shot £35 | 8 Chapped Hands Remedy £18 | 9 Dad Bear Card £3.95 
10 Thermos Flask £14.95 & Falcon Mugs £7.99 | 11 Superhero Dream Mask £7.95
12 Gentleman Ceramic Soap Dish £18 & Gentleman Trio of Soaps £18

Q&A with Pierre Boiselle, Sales & Marketing Manager at Edwin Europe

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Basement favourites Edwin are back for SS14 with a spot on collection of summertime staples. Rob sat down to talk road trips, red wine, raw selvedge and rare disco with Pierre Boiselle, who heads up the sales and marketing for Edwin in Europe.

Describe your typical working day?

I am very fortunate as I travel a lot and most of the time avoid any routine at work. But if I am at the office, first I would have a coffee and a cigarette, then a quick chat with Rey and the rest of the crew before I turn on my laptop.

Who or what couldn't you live without?

My girlfriend and our 're-worked family'. Being a bit more materialist, a pair of raw ED-80 red listed and a fresh pair of fine shoes.

What do you like most about what you do?

The travels and the huge diversity of people I have the chance to meet on the road. Moreover the people I am working with. They are an extension of my own family: some my mentors, some collaborators, but overall, mostly very good friends.

Who would you most like to see wearing an Edwin design?

I have never thought about this to be honest. I guess Nile Rodgers from Chic and Jean-Paul Belmondo would have been quite cool back in their glory time. People that would inspire the notion of 'style' to other people.

Which project, collection or achievement are you most proud of?

I might be a bit boring here but at the moment what I am the most proud of
with Edwin is the quality that you can get for a decent price. There are tons of amazing products on the market, but to be able to offer a raw selvedge denim using exclusive fabric made in Japan for £130 is, I think, pretty unique.

Tell us a bit about this season's menswear collection.

It's a proper summer collection! A lot of colour, light ounces and bleached denim. A lot of prints to be applied to jersey, shirting but also jackets and bermudas. We are also introducing a new fit to our range - a new skinny called the ED 85.

What has been the most important lesson learned?

Be polite and quiet when necessary... to manage your ego.

Who or what inspires you?

Some 'entrepreneurs' I have around me at work and in my private life. Places such as Antheor in the south of France, Greve in Chianti in Tuscany and Guaiu in Brazil.

What would you like to do in the future?

Keep on going! Do my best to make Edwin an unforgettable denim brand
that can talk to everyone while at the same time respecting our Japanese heritage without compromising on quality.

What is the Edwin team's guilty pleasure?

Cigarettes, red wine and road trips.

We know that you are a massive fan of rare disco music. Which three records never leave your bag?

I am indeed a big fan of disco music but I should not get any honour for this. A dear friend of mine spends most of his free time digging tracks. The rest of the time he drinks vodka and makes me listen to his new finds. So, here is mine and Clement's selection:

1. Herbie Hancock: Stars in Your Eyes

2. Joe Dassin: Le Jardin du Luxembourg (Tee Two Mariani Edit)

3. Gino Soccio: Turn it Around

And finally, your top three Lyon must see/dos...

I love this city a lot so I give you a few more than three:

Food: Go to Les Halles Paul Bocuse, a covered market where you will find all sorts of fine food, from snails to foie gras, but also lots of specialities from Lyon. My favourite place there is called Chez Merle. They specialise in
seafood and serve the best oysters in town.

Drink: Head to Le Voxx. I don 't know if it's a good tip as the servers aren't always polite and the food isn't great, but I spent all my teenage years there so it's a bad habit that keeps my friends and I going back. If you want to enjoy a bottle of rose or a Ricard on a sunny Saturday afternoon we might meet each other.

Club: L'ambassade is a very small club that used to be an old gangster spot back in the 80s. The crowd can be a bit strange sometimes but the music is always great. Manoo the resident dj has made some tracks with Masters at Work in the past which probably explains why!

Shop: Go visit my good friends at Heritage Store. They have great selection of menswear and in the basement of their store there is also a record store called Emile Records! For womenswear Solis is worth a visit.

Stay: If your budget allows stay at La Cours de Loges. It's an amazing place hidden in the historic district of Lyon. A cheaper alternative is The College Hotel nearby.


Wear less, wear it well

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A while ago, Lauren Laverne wrote about dressing like your hero in her regular column for The Observer. Her hero was an imaginary Lady Steve McQueen, an aesthetic touchstone to help navigate her wardrobe through the whirlwind of her 30something years. She talked about forgetting fashion, being more selective, less emotional in her choices; wearing less, but wearing it well, always asking "would Lady Steve wear this?"

The article immediately had us thinking that we too are channelling some Lady Steve up in the womenswear department this SS14. Great jeans remaining a number one priority, boyfriends through to straights; t-shirts, turned up at the sleeves or criss-crossed in stripes; shirts, wafty cheesecloth through to classic Oxfords. Yes, we're right onboard with this hero-dressing.

wear less wear it well

boy, did we have fun at blogtacular

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Saturday saw us take The Hambledon to the inaugural Blogtacular, a blogger event held at The Royal Institution of Great Britain in West London. Faced with the challenge of presenting the store in 1m sq market stall space in the foyer, we decided to keep it simple, opting for our vintage display counter filled with multi-coloured poms and a countertop stacked with our Italian Chiaverini jam

All set to go with a serious caffeine injection, the next eight hours whizzed by in a flurry of excitement. We sold a vast quantity of jam, which proved to be a total hit; snaffled some beautiful Meringue Girls meringues; listened to some seriously inspiring speakers; tweeted and instgrammed non-stop, got a big hug from the lovely Yvonne Eijkenduijn of Yvestown; partook in a hands-on styling session with the super talented Ellie Tennant; and made lots and lots of lovely new blogger friends. Wow, what a day! 


New York: A mod portrait of the city

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This is a book that survived the pulping machines to see another day, and we're so glad it did! First printed in the former Czechoslovakia in 1968, the entire print run was destroyed by the secret police after illustrator Vladimir Fuka escaped to the United States. Only one copy survived, buried under a pile of manuscripts in the author Zdenek Mahler's attic. His grandson finally unearthed it and urged him to re-publish it.  

Fifty years on, the book has become a classic, celebrating the unique essence of New York with its charming illustrations and interesting observations and fun facts about the city's history and its inhabitants.  "New York, they say, is like poetry. Is a melting pot. Is a giant crystal ball in which everyone can see their own future. Once you've seen New York, you don't have to see anything else." 

New York: A mod portrait of the city