News From June 2013

How to tie a bow tie

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So it turns out that Richard isn't the only one struggling with bow tie tying. It really is a tricky business, but look, we've found this most helpful little film from Hill-Side. If only there was such a thing as the starring bow tie, one that ties itself! 

Paper bag dress up

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Sorry folks but bin liners, pipe cleaners and sticky tape just won't cut it any more. Panthero and Leone here have gone and raised the dressing up bar - and taken a whole lot of faff out of the whole business. Wearing a giant paper bag has never looked this good. And in case you're tempted to join in the fun, we can sadly confirm the proportions are definitely only befitting of small people. 

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A Place Called Home

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Jason Grant is an Australian interiors stylist. He loves the beach, vintage suitcases and spontaneous get togethers. Colour makes him happy, as does recycling. We know this because his gorgeous new book, A Place Called Home, is all about Jason Grant; the things he's learnt, the things that make him tick, all the things that influence and inspire his eclectic, colourful and relaxed style. The pages are dense with beautiful photographs addressing everything from first impressions to storage, colour and finishing touches. The words are few but delivered in perfect nuggets; "Have a favourite cosy blanket", "Cover your walls with art you love" and our favourite "Make friends with shopkeepers..." 

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Maria Black

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Hold it, have we seen this before? The designer is Danish. And there are stars. No, it's not a deja vu, it's Maria Black. And there the parallels with our other starry, Scandi jewellery ends. Because where Pernille Corydon is delicate and pretty in a really straightforward way, Maria Black is your slightly cooler, less conventional sister. The stars are a bit chunkier and the shapes a bit sharper. And to seal our approval, pieces are known to have been worn by some super cool sisters including Coco Sumner, Zoe Kravitz and Scarlett Johansson. 

Maria Black news

summer wardrobe rescue

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Here we are surrounded by all that is light and bright, starting to contemplate sun drenched summer days, and along comes MIH Pre AW13 with a subtle yet well versed reminder of what the months ahead have in store. Our oversized cotton shirts are billowing in a stiff onshore breeze, so we're pulling on a star covered Breton top for some effortless extra cover, and chugging out to sea in a chunky yet elegant fisherman's knit. All the time co-ordinating with the flat grey skies, sweeping white sands and moody blue seas. Not so bad after all, with these pieces coming to our resuce.

MIH PreAW13 news

everyday neckwear

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Menswear is in full favour of neckwear for summer. Not the compulsory sort but the everyday, laidback and stylish sort. Japanese utility fabrics from The Hill-Side go head to head with rare vintage textiles crafted by General Knot & Co. Chambray, florals, stripes and some school teacher plaid, modelled to perfection here by our very own Richard Humby, who spent a good hour working on his bow tie technique.

Tie Story SS13 news

Bring on the sun

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Rolling out a series of swanky numbers pulled from the archives, Moscot has us all sun worshipping with their latest collection. These are the sunglasses we imagine wearing back in Hollywood's most glamour filled days. Bigger and bolder than ever. Perfect for the camera-shy starlet to hide behind. Duchess is well worthy of a curtsy with her elegant proportions. Victoria opts for a full on butterfly-shaped glamour offensive, inspired by Sophia Loren. While Carrington has us all in a spin over her perfect circles. 

New Moscot

Sweet and silly

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The sun might not shine, but what do we care. This summer is going to be so much fun. Fun like the summers of your childhood. Water pistols, sheriff badges, sparking spinners, gumball machines, polce whistles, sherbet bottles, chattering teeth and paper lazers; our project corner is dedicated to all things sweet and silly. Time to raid the piggy bank...

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