News From July 2012

We like winter

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Hats off to our first arrival of the new season - Levi’s Made & Crafted - who have managed to get us all excited about the prospect of rugging up come the cooler months. This is the way we like winter to look, all cosy and colourful. Think American trucker gets washed up on a cold Nordic shore where they love to brighten things up with a serious dose of colour. We’re loving the check flannel shirting, chunky knits and primary palette, and once again, the quality and attention to detail are excellent. 

Made & Crafted

Frocks to fall for

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If there’s a dress we could all imagine pulling out of our wardrobe fifteen years from now, it would surely be a Goat number. The epitome of timeless classic, these dresses make elegance effortless. The clean lines, beautiful tailoring and luxurious fabrics do all the work you need of them. And this season is no excepetion. The celebrated anywhere/everywhere Lola shift is back in a lovely, delicate needle cord. Then there's Pandora, fitted at the waist with a flared sleave, and Purdy, all sophisticated babydoll in wool crepe. What we're really falling for though are the colours, the gorgeous colours. Deep blackberry purple, vintage gold, blush pink and soft grey. Hook, line and sinker.

Goat 1
Goat 2

Analogue a go go

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Check out our project space, all styled up to resemble the Lomography Paris concept store – a bit like a junkyard, with walls plastered in cool photos and shelves lined with a substantial cherry-pick of their entire range of cameras and accessories.

Over the course of the next month we’ll be running Lomography ‘lend weekends’ where, for just £5, you can take away the Lomo of your choice for the weekend with a free film to shoot as you please. Then on Saturday 18th and 25th August at 1.30pm a member of the Lomo team will host a special workshop, taking you into town with your loaned Lomo to dispense all their Lomo know-how and help you take some lovely snaps. It’s just £10 and spaces are limited so please be sure to book by calling 01962 890055.


Soap supreme

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Could a bar of soap have any more going for it than the Murphy & Daughters Bon Bon? We don't think so. The list of credentials is long, so we’ll start with the evident stuff. They’re made in Australia, they look beautiful (like a cracker or a giant sweetie), smell divine and make a great gift (one that doesn’t require wrapping).

Then there’s the stuff you might guess if you know a thing or two about soap. They’re triple milled French style, enriched with shea butter and scented with essential oils from fresh herbs, flowers and citrus. All big ticks, but there's still more lovely stuff.

Sarah Murphy founded Murphy & Daughters in 2010, inspired by the traditions of her great-great grandfather who ran the Murphy Bros. General Merchants in the late 1800s. Her Bon Bons are made in small batches using traditional techniques and produced from pure, sustainably sourced palm oil, which ensures no orangutans or their habitat are endangered in their production. The soaps then go on to be handwrapped in recycled paper by Ability Works, an Australian charity which empowers people with disabilities by employing them with meaningful work.

And with that, we say top scores. 

Bon Bon Milk Soap
Bon Bon Green Tea Soap
Bon Bon Tea Rose Soap
Bon Bon Rose Geranium Soap
Bon Bon Pink Grapefruit Soap
Bon Bon Mandarine Soap
Bon Bon Lime Soap
Bon Bon Cucumber Soap
Bon Bon Pink Grapefruit Soap 2