News From June 2011


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Need we say more? Thank you to everyone who made the Silly Sale silly, funny, daft and hilarious. And big thanks to our lovely friends at Peagreen for the perfect space and the constant refreshments.

The Silly Sale 2011

Provenance: Lomography - Celebrate the Analogue

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It all started with the Lomo Kompact Automat in the early 1990s. This small Russian camera offered vibrant colour, deep saturation and beautiful blurs, prompting a fanatical following in Vienna and leading two Austrian students to St Petersburg to set up the worldwide distribution for Lomo cameras.

Lomography is now a global organisation dedicated to experimental and creative visual expression (organising exhibitions, events and collaborations). In an age of digital cameras, the followers of Lomography (blimey,it sounds like some weird cult) are dedicated to the unique imagery and style of analogue photography.

They have 10 Golden Rules:

  1. Take your camera everywhere you go
  2. Use it any time ? day and night
  3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
  4. Try the shot from the hip
  5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible
  6. Don't think (William Firebrace)
  7. Be fast
  8. You don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film
  9. Afterwards either
  10. Don't worry about any rules

And an ever growing range of cameras including: Diana - 1960s cult classic, lo-fi image and lots of cool features
Mini Diana - little sister of Diana, switch from full to half frame
Edelweiss - gorgeous, all white, all plastic Diana
Oktomat - 8 cute little frames
Holga - medium format, seriously lovely
Fisheye - the World's only 35mm camera with built in fisheye lens

Lomography Rules

Fab Dad's Day

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Don't forget your dad. Father's Day is 19 June. Super nice clothes and shoes if you?re feeling really generous. Brilliant books, barbecue and DR Harris if you?re feeling pretty generous. And a hilarious Lazy Oaf card if maybe he forgot your pocket money this week.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Provenance: Edwin Jeans

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Edwin is one of those iconic denim brands. Established in Japan in 1947 as the Tsunemi KK Company, it was originally an importer of used denim from the States. Influenced by the fit, wash and quality of American denim, and disappointed by homegrown attempts at its manufacture, denim afficionado Mr Tsunemi set about creating his own brand (playing boggle with the letters in the word DENIM and coming up with EDWIN) and revitalising the industry in Japan.

By 1961 he had created his first pair of Edwins. By 1963 Edwin had produced the world?s heaviest ringspun (this is a weaving technique, ask me later) 16oz denim. These jeans can stand up all by themselves. And they featured the rainbow selvedge which is still in use today. In the 70s Edwin were the first company to develop ?old wash? techniques to mimic the wear on vintage workwear.

In the 80s this was further developed with the advent of ?stone washing? (pay attention, this properly revolutionised the industry worldwide) and in the 90s Edwin created the ?new vintage? concept, using subtle hand techniques to replicate vintage washes from pre 1947. At once both old school and innovative Edwin is the denim man?s denim. Go for ED47 for a straight classic (the clue?s in the name, this is really about Edwin?s heritage), ED55 for a carrot leg and ED71 for a slim fit.