Provenance: Reichenbach

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Buying was underway for AW17 and the season was taking on a distinct feel – of days gone by, a time of elegance and refinement, where tea was taken and tables were laid. It called for beautiful porcelain, and so the decision was already made; the time had come to revisit an old favourite: Reichenbach, and their stunning ‘Taste’ collection designed by celebrated Italian designer Paulo Navone.

The company is world renowned for its quality and craftsmanship, with a history dating back as far as 1830. It starts in the German town of Reichenbach, where local tradesmen became know for their skill in hand-paining white porcelain. In 1900, nine of the local workshops came together to found a porcelain factory, laying the foundations for the Reichenbach factory, which still stands on the same site today. It’s a small business that has managed to navigate a successful balance between its traditional craft and modern production, while also prioritising modern design. Their motto (loosely translated!) is "old trade arts meets modern design."

Their collaboration with Paulo Navone is a designer meets maker dream team. Born in 1950 in Turin, Navone gained acclaim within the design world in the 1980s and was a major figure in the Italian post-modern movement, her iconic designs always looking to combine the best of the past and present. It’s a design ethic clearly seen in her Taste range for Reichenbach, in which she went back to their original archive and re-interpreted the pieces in a sleek and modern way whilst maintaining the broad, graphic-abstract, neo-baroque silhouettes. Porcelain doesn’t get any more precious than this. Welcome back, Reichenbach, we are very, very pleased to see you. 

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new on the greetings cards scene

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We've been busy, busy hunting down the prettiest, the glitteriest, the coolest and meanest cards out there right now. Here’s a round-up of what's new in The Hambledon greetings card department.

IMOGEN OWEN: Imogen Owen started her stationery brand in 2013, and has become well known for her beautiful modern calligraphy style as well as her fun and sweary sentiments. The girl can do no wrong in our eyes, and here she is, back with this range of beauts - ranging from the super pretty to strong swears to a cool 70s-style red and pink combo complete with funky illustrated envelopes – all printed in her studio in rural Leicestershire on her 1940's Autovic letterpress. We can’t get enough.

THE SOCIAL TYPE: Based in sunny Los Angeles, friends Allison and Jessica founded their super fun stationery company 'The Social Type' in 2009. Girls after our own heart, their love of anything shiny and glittery knows no bounds; literally everything they do incorporates some sort of glitter or holographic foil element. Combine this with beautiful quality die cuts and fun designs, and we were sold, sold, sold.

MEAN MAIL: We are usually lovers not haters here but right now we’re loving Mean Mail. Launched earlier this year by Brit Art Director, Vicky Simmons, Mean Mail is for those you love and love to hate, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s wise words, “True friends stab you in the front.” Beautiful cards, laugh-out-loud funny, handmade in London (in the corner of Vicky’s Mum’s lounge) on a hot foil press, it's not hard to see why we're smitten.

SCOUT EDITIONS: Scout Editions are a small London-based brother and sister collective. Keen travellers, their shared interest in fashion, interiors, storytelling and folklore inspires their designs, many of which are limited editions, so catch them while you can. Printed on an energy efficient risograph (whereby artwork is burnt onto a master and then fed through a print drum layer by layer), each print varies slightly. Super sweet and unique, we couldn’t resist these.


Mean Mail: Beautiful Cards, Brutal Words

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Heads up, we have a new girl crush and she’s really mean, but we love her for it. Arriving on the greeting cards scene like a blast of super cool, somewhat icy fresh air, her name is Vicky Simmons. An Art Director by trade, Mean Mail is the side project she launched earlier this year, inspired by Oscar Wilde’s wise words,“True friends stab you in the front.”

No sweet nothings, heartfelt thanks or sentimental statements here, these are greetings cards for those you love and love to hate; straight-talking cards for every occasion and non-occasion; for calling out a friend, telling them how it is or having a laugh at their expense, safe in the knowledge it will be taken in good humour on the receiving end.

Keeping things real inside and out, the cards are handmade in London (in the corner of Vicky’s Mum’s lounge) on a hot foil press, and printed on FSC certified stock. The quality is top notch (both of her folks have a background in print and illustration), and Vicky's Instagram feed is also the business; beautiful squares of Mean Mail colour, brutal words and brilliant #meanmailloves (go check it out).

Taking a leaf and cutting to the chase, there's nothing not to love here and we couldn't be happier to be brand new stockists. Time to say what you really think, people.

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If you’ve ever coveted a beautiful pair of vintage Levi’s, or found the perfectly frayed and faded pair only to be disappointed by a baggy leg and unsightly crotch, then you need to know all about womenswear’s latest arrival, Re/Done. We’re one of a very select few UK retailers, with limited stock available, and hugely excited because we think we just hit upon the holy grail of denim. No stretch, advanced dyeing processes, or strategically placed rips and tears here, just genuine vintage jeans, worn in to perfection, that also fit to perfection.

And here’s the secret. Re/Done actually take vintage Levi’s apart at the seams and re-purpose the fabric, cutting it to achieve a modern fit. Founded by entrepreneurs, Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, the brand was born because "all the cool chicks we knew wore vintage Levi's but had them tailored to fit better". It took them almost a year to arrive at the process of taking apart Levi’s that were made for men and re-cutting them to fit women. Now they manufacture their jeans in Downtown LA, with quantities limited since each pair is handpicked, hand cut, and distinctly one of a kind. They like to think of Re/Done as a movement rather than a denim company; a movement to restore individuality in the world of mass-produced fashion, to keep heritage brands relevant and create sustainable fashion.

Here at The Hambledon, we’ve managed to lay our hands on two styles from both their Re/Done Originals line and Re/Done Vintage line. Re/Done Originals replicate the dye history and are created ‘in the spirit of’ vintage Levi's. We’ve got the straight skinny stretch and a high-rise ankle crop. The Vintage line is crafted from genuine, vintage Levi’s and we’re stocking the high-rise ankle crop as well as a relaxed crop. We’ve also got a few of their re-modelled Champion sweatshirts and Hanes Classic Ts to complete the classic Americana look.

A company, a movement, whatever Re/Done is, we're firm fans and followers of what they’re doing. And we’re not the only ones. Be quick, very quick, is all else that needs to be said.


Meri Meri Home

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The magical world of Meri Meri: it’s been a source of much happiness over the past few years, stocking their partywares and hosting the brand in our project space; always fun, bright and cheerful, and always super exciting to see what they come out with next. So as you can imagine, the anticipation was running high when we discovered they were turning their attention to homewares and we’d be stocking the whole range in our latest Meri Meri project.

Organic cotton bedding featuring coral spots and neon stitching; blankets covered in constellations, rainbows and stripes; thick quilts and storage baskets decorated with pom-poms; knitted cats, dogs, mermaids and unicorns for cushions; and garlands, many, many garlands, bunting and dreamcatchers; all of it here in our project space until 23 July, and even more gorgeous than we could have imagined.

What’s more, to mark the occasion we have a bundle of the bedding worth £250 to give away for one lucky little guy or gal's bedroom. For the chance to win, simply follow the link below and enter your details. Best of luck!

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Moscot Trunk Show

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It was a warm and sunny Friday evening when Tim Webb, Moscot’s man in London, arrived with a suitcases full of specs for our Moscot Trunk Show. Many, many Moscots; sunglasses and spectacles of every shape, size and style. We could not have been happier, with buckets of cold beers and a good few hours to chat eyewear and try them all on.

Things continued in the same spirit on the Saturday with many a Moscot fan making a special trip to the store. Some remaining faithful to the classic Lemtosh. Others discovering new styles with thanks to Tim’s expert advice. Everyone leaving looking super smart in their brand new specs. Thanks Tim, great time had by all.

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Moscot Eyewear Trunk Show Instore

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Moscot have been making iconic glasses in New York for over 100 years and have not let up creating the eyewear people want to be seen in. Founded as an opticians, they are renowned for their craftsmanship but have added global fashion brand to their list of quality achievements. We are honoured to have Tim Webb, our favourite bespectaled eyewear oracle, instore for one day only to pass on his extensive knowledge and on-the-button cool advice. Tim is a qualified optician and responsible for bringing Moscot to London. He will be taking time out from running the Moscot Soho store to bring his trunks full of men's and women's optical and sun glasses to Winchester and guide you to find your perfect frames. He knows about sizing, fit, colour and all that but when he says "try these for fun" and "they are killer", you know you will be taking home your favourite ever pair of glasses.

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Miami Nice Style Edit

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As the buy for each new season progresses, a bit of a theme often starts to emerge. Style references, sometimes subtle, sometimes undeniable, that culminate in a distinct look throughout the store. For SS17, we were seeing the '80s. A coming-of-age kind of summer, fun, laid-back and beachy. The sun shines endlessly and there are pools and palm trees and parties. Think The Breakfast Club meets Miami Vice. Yes, we're in Miami, definitely Miami. But Miami Nice. No bad hair or shoulder pads in sight. Just saturated pastels and bleached out stripes, high waists and relaxed, oversized shapes; metallic details, fun prints and just the right amount of kitsch. This is Miami Nice as seen in womenswear.

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Anne Hubert, founder of La Cerise sur le G√Ęteau: Day in the life of...

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We love cherries and we love cake, and right now we also have a thing for La Cerise sur le Gâteau, the beautiful French linen which, quite true to its name, is setting the tone for SS/17 in homewares. All washed out pastels and trails of gold polka dots. Here, founder Anne Hubert talks us through the La Cerise sur le Gâteau story and some of the highlights from the brand's Instagram feed.

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