We liked Ottod'Ame's simple, summer clothes with pretty detailing. They are a bit more poetic about the brand:

Un numero magico,
il soffio vitale.
Una formula aperta,
il viaggio infinito.
Verso la leggerezza.
Nelle cose, nel mondo.
Otto d’ame. Otto donne.
Che infondono anima,
che mettono cuore
in quello che fanno.

(A magic number,

the breath of life. 

An open formula,
the endless journey.
Towards the light.
In the things in the world.
Eight of ame. Eight women.
That infuse soul,
which put heart
into what they do.)

Whatever that means, the clothes are super nice.

Turns out Ottod'ame has 8 designers. Turns out this means every season has a very different personality. 

Ottod'ame A/W'17 is now available in our Winchester store.

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