Maison Labiche

Maison Labiche makes its very welcome entrance to the womenswear floor with a collection of embroidered sweats and tees. This is both cute and cool, which, as we all know, is the very holy grail of getting dressed. Choose your slogan: Blondie, Enchantee, Bravo, Bonjour and for the intellectuals Bonjour Tristesse.

Founded in 2010 in Paris by a group of designers who wanted to inject a bit of fun into basics. 

Maison Labiche AW'17 is now available instore.

aw17 - maison - labiche - dp - 1.jpg aw17 - maison - labiche - dp - 2.jpgaw17 - maison - labiche - dp - 3.jpgaw17 - maison - labiche - dp - 4.jpg aw17 - maison - labiche - dp - 5.jpg aw17 - maison - labiche - dp - 6.jpg