American Vintage

Not American. Not vintage. In fact French and new. This is a jersey collection of great layering cotton, linen, silk and wool basics in a beautiful colours. We are absolutely all about the basics in lots of subtle colours.

Twilight. Thunder. Darkness: so moody it reads like a Stephenie Meyer novel. These are the colours for AW17, leavened with a touch of grenadine and morello. And all your favourites are here (Sonoma, Jacksonville, Boolder, Vacaville and Jaguar) and the lovely new s/s tee Bysapick. 

American Vintage A/W17  is now available in our Winchester store.

american - vintage - ss17 - high - 1 american - vintage - ss17 - high - 2american - vintage - ss17 - high - 3american - vintage - ss17 - high - 4 american - vintage - ss17 - high - 5 american - vintage - ss17 - high - 6