In economically straitened times after the Second World War Mr Tsunemi founded a denim business, selling imported used American denim (laundered and mended) to his Japanese customers. There was no denim manufacture in Japan at the time. As the economic situation improved in the 50s Japanese denim production was established. But it did not match the genuine US article for fit, wash and quality and Mr Tsunemi launched his own brand (playing boggle with the letters in the word DENIM and coming up with EDWIN).

By 1961 he had created his first pair of Edwins. By 1963 Edwin had produced the world’s heaviest ringspun (this is a weaving technique, ask me later) 16oz denim. These jeans can stand up all by themselves. And they featured the rainbow selvedge which is still in use today. In the 70s Edwin were the first company to develop ‘old wash’ techniques to mimic the wear on vintage workwear. In the 80s this was further developed with the advent of ‘stone washing’ (pay attention, this properly revolutionised the industry worldwide) and in the 90s Edwin created the ‘new vintage’ concept, using subtle hand techniques to replicate vintage washes from pre 1947. At once both old school and innovative Edwin is the denim man’s denim.

Edwin A/W'17 will be available in our Winchester store soon.

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